“Shaun was just what I needed. I was meandering around in a rut, bored with my skills and vision but I had no idea how to improve. Shaun was thorough, intuitive, generous and unerringly honest. His critiques were comfortable with a healthy dose of humour. Every time we spoke, he had already combed my website and latest blog posts, challenging me to describe why I was doing what I did. He made teaching points of my images, lessons that drove me to change how I approach photography, client interactions and my business. Those changes have made me far more skilled, confident and excited about photography, and in turn have brought me clients who clearly recognize my style. The only crappy thing was that I can’t give Shaun a hug over Skype. He certainly deserves it”.

-Bobbi Barbarich


“Shaun really helped me on both photography and business aspects. In 2014, I felt that I was lacking vision, inspiration and business sense… My style was all over the place and I was simply not generating inquiries and signing new customers. Shaun is well structured and the first thing he worked on is finding my style. This is just one of those things that I simply was not able to do by my self. It was a hard process but I can say that it went a long way and I would not have been able to do it without Shaun’s coaching. Today, I photograph weddings with my own vision, without always wanting to reproduce what other people do. Business wise, Shaun guided me in revamping my whole web page and business marketing which now helps me get more inquires and naturally more wedding contracts. If you’re stuck in any way or simply want to improve certain aspects of your photography business, simply get in touch with Shaun…and like he always told me: “Now is the time”.

-Paolo Taverna